Legend of the Spiralling Cedars: Episode 5


A barrage of rocks struck the front of the cabin. Rachel jumped to her feet as Garrett reached for the rifle. Whatever tapped on the window was only a fleeting shadow before rocks tumbled down the sloped angle of the metal roof. Hollers and high pitched screams erupted from the forest. He was really getting tired of this.
He edged his way to the window and peered into the darkness toward the forest. The overcast sky hid the moon and any hope of seeing past the outside of the old log cabin walls. He heard thumping on the porch boards, and then a deathly silence followed.
He’d seen a lot of combat in the thirteen years he’d spent with the Canadian military. He’d joined JTF2 seven years ago. But this had to be the strangest experience he’d ever had.
“Guess this isn’t quite the boys’ weekend you were expecting,” Rachel said quietly.
Distracted from the window, he glanced her way, then joined her near the fire and lay the rifle across his thighs when he sat in the old rickety chair, not completely certain it could hold his weight.
“Came for the Arsenal concert in Whistler.”
“Don’t know the group.” Rachel glanced at the door nervously.
“You get out of the park much?” he asked, trying to divert her attention. Whatever had been there a moment ago was gone.

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