It's Only Words


We authors are a strange breed. That is putting it mildly. We are actually really weird at times. We live in our own little worlds where the voices in our heads keep conversations going. Sometimes for weeks, and we talk back to them. I admit it may not be all authors, but most of us are a little different, and possibly ate crayons when we were little. Trust me. Words are what makes us tick, without words, we tend to fall apart.
Our lives are surrounded by things most people take for granted and yet we tend to think of ways to describe them with the words in our minds eye to make sense and set a scene for readers. You know…you...the person reading this.
I admire and see such drive in those individuals that can set 1000 to 3000-word goals every day. I mean, I’m lucky to write a coherent sentence over a weekend, but their writing is their passion and sometimes their full-time job.
Words are like a heartbeat for writers, everything around them becomes a scene, a description and a story no matter how trivial they may seem.
If you’ve ever wanted to think like an author, try this little trick. For everything around you think of how to describe it in words.


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