InD'Introduces: Susan Eglington


I grew up in Acton, Massachusetts, but I currently live on a small farm in Central Massachusetts with my family. I have been writing since 2012 and pull from  vast imagines to create my stand-alone romance, “The Dating Policy” along with the series “The Kate and Robert Chronicles.” 
My stories do not define who I am, but they do allow me to play God, Queen, and Ruler. I breathe the life into my characters. They can experience passion and anger or I can destroy them as quickly and painfully as I see fit. Writing is an art, allowing me to entertain, to awaken emotions in a reader, drawing them in to satisfy a thirst they did not know exists.
My hobbies include riding, working out, cooking, shooting, archery, dancing, and having lunch with the girls. Some of my favorite TV shows are “Top Gear” and “The Graham Norton Show”.
A few inspirational quotes that I live by are ... “Your present circumstance doesn’t determine where you can go. It merely determines where you start.”–Dr. Nido Qubein; and from an anonymous person: “If you do not change, you cannot grow. If you do not grow, then you’re not really living.”