InD"Introduces: Rachel Rossano!


How does one sum Rachel Rossano up? Attempting to do so has been a daunting task. It is strange to say as a writer, but I am struggling to find enough words. I will start with five things about me since it is my favorite number.
I am a wife. I married the love of my life when I was young. We met at church and grew from friends to more than friends at a rapid pace. Our courtship comprised of long hours of conversation about anything and everything while sitting in my parents’ basement. When he asked me to marry him, my response was an immediate “Yes!” and I never looked back. We just celebrated twenty years of marriage this year, and I can’t wait for the next twenty.
I am a mother. For the longest time (almost a decade into our marriage) it appeared we weren’t going to be blessed with children, but God was gracious. Now, we have three children who delight and challenge us. There are moments that I need to remind myself that I wanted this life. Regardless, I am loving the journey.
I am an author. I love words, stories, and characters. Much of my time is spent with a story or an idea rolling around in my head waiting for a moment when I can jot it down. Ideas spring up at the oddest times. People fascinate me which is probably why characters are my favorite aspect of writing. They drive my writing and keep me interested. I used to be a complete pantser (writing without anything plotted ahead of time). More recently I have been attempting to plot more in an effort to write faster.
I am an introvert. If you met me, you wouldn’t necessarily realize this since I love to talk, love people, and don’t mind being part of a group. However, doing all of these things drains me. Oh, and I don’t really like being the center of attention. That is probably why writing this is so difficult. If I had to chat about a character I would be much more eloquent.
I am an artist. Since childhood, I have doodled, sketched, colored, and used any medium on hand to create things. Self-taught, I spent hours studying and drawing people’s faces and bodies, trying to capture emotion, movement, and expression. Since becoming an adult, however, I haven’t spent as much time with my pencils and pens. Instead, I have worked to craft stories out of pictures for the covers of my books. In recent years it has grown into a side business.
Enough about me. I would love to know more about you. Who knows you might inspire a character in my next book.