InD'Introduces: Emelle Gamble


Over the past twenty-five years, I have often been asked why I am a writer. The best answer is because I have to write. Most authors will tell you this. There is something inside which compels us to create a story out of thin air, figuring it out as we go, driven to then share it with others, hopefully in an entertaining manner.
Maybe a more pertinent question is, what do I want to accomplish as an author? My website tagline is ‘Stories of ordinary women in extraordinary situations’… That’s the truest thing that I can say about my books
My ‘brand’ (I’m snickering here because this is just one of the must-do rules I never could follow to build a career) is simply this. I write books in a variety of genres because those are where my ideas take me. I loved Kate Hepburn and Cary Grant, their chatter and jibes, so I put their ghosts in “Dating Cary Grant”, a romantic little book about how important compromise is in a marriage.
For personal reasons, I am intrigued by how adoption affects one’s sense of self. I explored this issue, both from the adoptee and the birth mother’s point of view, in “Molly Harper,” a women’s fiction novel set in the world of Hollywood. My most successful book to date in terms of readership, is “Secret Sister.” It is my take on true love and fate, with a suspenseful paranormal twist of fate that asks, if everything about you changed on the outside, would your true love recognize you?
This month my fourteenth novel, “Thrill Girl” by Jack Curran, will be released. Yes, it’s written by Jack Curran, the main character. His name is on the cover, which it had to be. You’ll understand why on the last page.  It is a classic mystery set in noir 1951 LA, a whodunit that takes a look at The Age of Anxiety, as historians now refer to this decade. That time was the harbinger of all that was to come in the 1960s and 70s… Hyper-morphing sexual and family roles, racial equality, technology and no-holds bar journalism, fears of the Atomic bomb. All treated with newly available (and needed) pharmaceuticals such as Valium. “Thrill Girl” is one big volatile cocktail of a book.  A whiskey sour on the rocks kind of read about a man trying to forget, and a woman fighting to remember.
Hopefully it will go down easy and smooth, but give you a tart jolt of surprise when you bite into that little cherry at the bottom of the glass.  Enjoy!