InD'Introduces: Dean Strickland


Born into a large family in 1967 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Author Dean Strickland began his journey, which led him to Hollywood, California. There he submitted and had published his book titled “I Wish You Would Kill Yourself Like Your Brother Or Like Kurt Cobain” 18 years after he wrote it. With Dean, it’s always been about music and lyrics. Dean showed his brother Doug a G chord on the guitar when they were kids, and Doug was playing Jimi Hendrix songs at the age of 13. They were both naturals. Dean’s worst subjects in high school were english and literature, but when he started his college career in the late 1990’s, he was an A student in both of those subjects. Dean did very well writing short stories, which led him to write his own book. After Dean finished college, he spent about 6 months touring the United Stated with a Hollywood musical act called Victim’s Of The Carousel, for which he penned several articles about their tour in a local Hollywood, California newspaper. After that, Dean hitchhiked around the country with his guitar, creating a buzz for himself with an image of himself as a cowboy singer. Dean kept a journal. Just like he had planned to do, before ever going to college, Dean met up with his brother, Doug, and they purchased an rv, and made a trip to Hollywood, California to build a band press kit. As the band Chemical Diary, Doug and Dean started performing shows on the Sunset Strip at the Whisky A Go-Go, and made recordings for a debut EP, which includes songs of their own, at recording studios such as Sunset Sound, and Capitol Records in Hollywood, California. Dean Strickland and his brother Doug never really fit in, so they came up with stage names to identify themselves as performers in Chemical Diary. Dean is AKA Roland Numbers, and Doug is AKA Dudee. Entertaining people by way of writing, or performing songs is a tough business, but that hasn’t stopped Dean Strickland. Dean just won’t quit. Giving up has never crossed his mind.

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