The Gift That Keeps On Giving


Now that the new year is well underway, the Christmas tree is finally down and the last of the tinsel picked out of the carpet, the time has arrived when you’re faced with the inevitable. The chore that descends on your shoulders about this time every year. Organizing!
All kinds of things. The things you just put away, the things you should have put away last year, and the new things that need to be put away, but you just don’t know where.
Even the thought makes me shudder.
There are two sides to all this sorting and going through. Sometimes it’s a blur of torn, aged, broken and useless junk, but other times it’s not unlike staring into Tutankhamun’s tomb. You discover wonderful things.
In our house, we go room by room and dig through closets and dressers, gathering old clothes that don’t fit anymore. I’m not implying anything, but I think there are tailor elves in my house working very hard at making all my jeans and older rock band T-shirts at least a size smaller, late at night when I’m not looking.
It has always struck me as strange that people can go year after year, treating themselves to new things, and completely forget about the things they already have. We learned that recently when we were amazed at what emerged from the backs of closets, the insides of old suitcases, the undersides of dresser drawers—although not the manila envelope containing the location of the priceless painting, a beloved trope from so many mystery novels.
In the interest of full disclosure, I should add that the ham and cheese sandwich from 2011 was horrible, the dusty old Fabio cover was...Fabio, and his hair, but the Twinkies from 1984 were still awesome. Which can either be a compliment or a warning…depending on your point of view and your attitude toward Twinkies.

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