Game Of Tomes


As I draw Excalibur from its leather sheath and hold it skyward, I vow to write my novel with integrity, cautionary proverbs for betterment, and a minimal amount of cuss words. This is my quest—to write an opus that my peers (as well as the masses) shall revere as poetic and poignant. This is my destiny. But first I need to get some chips and salsa.

Might this be what many authors besides myself think as they take their seats on their golden thrones? (Not the bathroom throne, but the chair in front of their desks - just clarifying here.)
We always hope to impress our fans with a new adventure, or a continuation of a series, taking familiar characters to a new place or chapter in their lives.
So, as an author, let me take you on an adventure. First, please realize I am somewhat crazy, so bear with me because the voices in my head tend to take over. You might want to fasten your seatbelts and make sure your tray table is in the locked and upright position...just in case.
Take my hand, Fair Maiden, and let’s see where the wind carries us.
The hair on the back of your neck begins to rise and a burst of flames surrounds you. You look upward into the glowing eyes of a blackened soul. Dark wings spread wide and a foul sulfurous stench fills the air. You swallow your fear and see the monster in its full wicked glory. Yes, you suddenly realize what you’re staring at…the Dragon of Deadlines.
This arch enemy can either inspire or destroy you. It comes with an assortment of dilemmas which it thrusts upon you, ignoring your pain, deaf to your protestations. Will you surrender to the urge to short-change your story, deny your secondary characters’ plot lines, and rush to meet the Dragon’s goal, setting aside those extra scenes and reducing your anticipated word count? Or will you arm yourself with caffeine, chocolate, and energy drinks, taking the battle to the Dragon and expressing everything your story demands? Is it worth the fight to maintain the integrity of your book, along with the word count? The Dragon isn’t kind, and you’ll probably stink of sulfur for weeks.
This is the choice so many writers face on a regular basis.

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