A Digital Way To Keep Track So You CanTighten Like a Corset

Julie L.

I am a massive proponent of the physical act of writing things down—you’ve probably noticed that trend—and recently, science has backed me up. There was a study in 2017 where college freshmen were divided into two groups for note-taking: on their laptops or by hand. Both were to take notes during class lectures.  I wasn’t surprised by the outcome, being somewhat old fashioned in specific areas, but I saw in the comments that many people were. The outcome? Retention, understanding, and comprehension among the hand-written note takers was far above that of the keyboard clickers.
Humans are physical beings. Sure, we completely enjoy the virtual mind-numbing of technology, and we all know that armchair warriors hide behind their anonymity like planetary shields, inflicting damage, but think about how many articles you’ve seen relating to mental and physical illnesses and ailments caused by the isolation the digital world creates. Or the fact that  internet addiction is now just as real as alcohol addiction. We need to touch, to feel, the physical reality of holding and running our fingertips over the paper.
So, why on earth am I leaping from my platform of “Write It Down” to explain technological ways of keeping track? Well, no one hand writes their novels anymore; sure, maybe pieces in a notebook because we have an amazing idea and we’re not near a computer. But, if you have children, notebooks can become coloring books, or an OCD spouse may have had it with papers all over the place and chucks it all, or, if you have more than one WIP going on at a time, you lose your notebook at the exact moment you need it.

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