2019 RONE Awards Week Four

WEEK 4: May 6th - 12th

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Historical: Scottish - 2019 (5 finalists)

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Anthology - 2019 (3 finalists)

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Fantasy - 2019 (5 finalists)

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You have sent me searching time and again.  Intriguiing Choices!

So far, three of my followers have gotten errors after trying to register. They say there's an error sednign the registration verification email to their account.

I am so sorry for the delay, but after contacting our website handler, there was an issue with Gmail. It has now been corrected and your fans should be able to vote now. If they weren't able to verify their registation, I have gone in and verify every one manually. 

Thanks for your patience,


My son called me and said he's been unable to vote because of a registration problem. I had reminded friends yeaterday to register and vote for General Audio book. It;s too late now, but I am glad the problem is fixed. Blessings

Thank you for fixing this! I sent it to all my subscribers and posted on my blog this morning. I hope it didn't scare them all off. That was my one big push. If I screwed that up, I have no chance :( 

I finally found mine in my spam folder.  They add a "~" onto their email which causes it to go there.

All of you have written great books, or you wouldn't be here!Good luck!

Congratulations to all the entrants.  I voted for Victoria Zak for her Wicked Darkness - Awesome book.

Thanks for the opportunity to vote. Good luck to all

I am looking forward to hearing who the winners are this year! They are a very great group of writers!

I look forward to seeing who the winners are this year. It is a very talented field this year! Congratulations to all!