Cats vs Dogs


For centuries the Battle of the Pets has been waged with varying degrees of fury... I’m sure the Egyptian wives yelled from their chambers, “Can you feed the cats? We can’t have them getting hungry. And make sure you cut up everything neatly, you know how finicky the babies are.” Because they were considered gods, felines were spoiled and worshipped. They have never forgotten this part of their ancestry. Just look at them when you’re hurrying to open that can of cat food. Arrogant, prissy and waiting for you to serve them.
Dogs are pack animals and hunters and have been used as pets and hunting companions since caveman days. Although a pack of dogs barking at a woolly mammoth might well have resulted in furry pancakes. That or they would decide to go back to the cave and eat the cavemen for kicking them out (on the plus side, that would stop their barking all the time.)
Once again, the animals rule and we end up becoming their slaves in the process.
In most homes there are cat people and dog people. Yes, I know, there are a million other pets like fish, tarantulas, snakes and gerbils but the two most popular pets remain cats and dogs. There are studies, books, movies, analyses and even therapists dedicated to figuring out their behaviors. Did they ever think that animals act the way they do because they can?
Throughout time and literature there are references to animals. Heroic lives saved by pets. Fluffy’s bravery in a time of crisis and even true romance between the animals. Just watch Disney movies. But... since this is an article dealing with books you may be asking yourselves, “What to pets have to do with books”.  Read on my friend, read on.

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