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You have to understand that I am a perfectionist.  Also, like most writers, I cannot stand rejection.
When I was twenty-seven, working as an international banker and hating it, I decided not to wait any longer to write the book I had conceived when I was twenty: an epic historical novel about a woman living in Vienna from 1913 to 1938.

Trinidad Corn Soup

I've been in and around the kitchen since I was 9 years old picking up tips, techniques and recipe secrets from my Mom and grandmother in preparing mouth watering Trinidadian food.   My burning passion for cooking has continued throughout the years and because of it, I currently own and operate a small catering business - Island Cuisine...

Throughout the history of publishing, book reviews have been considered one of the very best ways to garner attention and sell books.  Their importance is undeniable and their influence is substantial.  They can be an author's best friend or worst enemy.  With this emerging new world of technology giving rise to unlimited opportunities, both authors and readers alike have been given power never

In this age of social media and internet savvy readers, the digital book market is booming. Which poses a problem: 10 years ago if you wanted a book, you went to the local book store and browsed the shelves in a particular area that housed ONLY books in a particular genre.

The Author's Desk
Barbara Gaskell

Surprisingly, an “author’s desk” isn’t really a big wooden affair with a battered computer, a pile of tumbling papers, scribbled half-full notepads, and a jumble of pens (half of which don’t work). Our real desk is – quite simply – inside our heads.