Why is Small Town Fiction So Popular?


Have you ever noticed that a lot—and I mean a staggering percentage—of contemporary romance fiction is set in small towns? While most romance movies and rom-coms take place in larger cities, the vast majority of romance fiction is set in smaller, quieter towns.
And it’s not just romance, either! Mysteries, thrillers, even works of supernatural and paranormal fiction often take place in quaint little villages or towns far away from the hustle and bustle of life. Why is that? Why do small towns serve as such a perfect setting for so many different types of fiction?

More character focus. In a fast-paced city, the protagonists of the story will typically have to lead fast-paced lifestyles. The larger metropolitan setting is ideal for a story with gripping tension, high stakes, lightning fast movement, and big, explosive action.
On the flip side, there is far less action in small towns, so it provides a slower-paced setting more conducive to focusing on characters. Romance is a particularly character-heavy genre, so it’s ideal to eliminate all the additional big-city elements that would detract from focusing on the unique development of the protagonists. 
Love triangles, family feuds, generational conflicts, jealousy, and passionate disagreements abound in small-town fiction. All of these things serve as emotional plot points that are crucial to the characters’ journeys.

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