Wander Aguiar: Looks at Books and All Things Beautiful


Ever look at a book cover and just stop in awe at the striking image that you see? Well, chances are Wander Aguiar is the reason why. With an eye second to none, this wonderful man is not only one of the top photographers in the industry but also one of the sweetest and most fascinating men you’ll ever meet!

InD: First of all, you were born in Brazil?
WA: Yes, I am from Brazil. I was born and raised in Belo Horizonte; it means beautiful horizon. It is between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. It is more inland; not on the coast.. I moved to the US about 20 years ago.
InD: Were your growing up years good?
WA: Yes, they were awesome, fantastic. I like my city. I love Brazil.
InD: Why did you decide to come to America?
WA: I like to travel and have always liked to try different things. I always told myself and my family that I would go to the US, but they didn't really believe me. Then, one day I said, “Okay, I really am going to try.” I did and have been living here ever since.
InD: When you came here, was it everything you thought it to be?
WA: Yes, pretty much. I love it here. I love the opportunity it gives you, the culture and everybody who is willing to work. It is like a free spirited country. If you believe in something, you can make it happen.
InD: When you first came here, what were your plans?
WA:  I came here to study English at UCSD - San Diego, and I was working as a model here.
InD: Were you in school when you began working as a model?
WA: No. I have been working as a model since I was 16 years old.
InD: Was modeling what you wanted as a career?
WA: No, it just happened. I am a civil engineer. That was my degree in college.  I worked in that field for quite so long. But being a model has also been part of my life for a long time. I wanted to be in front of the cameras and behind the cameras as well.
When I came here, I thought I was just going to be studying, but I was at the beach one day when a photographer approached me and wanted to take photos of me. I told him that I take photographs too and he said, “Let me see them,” so I showed him, and he said that I could be a photographer through an agency with him. I didn't know if I had the quality, but he said my stuff was really good, so... I did.

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