Selling Your Story: Hard Truths and Easy Lessons


Writing stories is a gift. It’s a calling and a joy. It comes complete with characters and problems, conflict and excitement. It may slowly wind itself through your subconscious until a story is fully formed. Or, it may crash into your head then stubbornly wait for you to pry the particulars out and find the prize in the recesses of your soul. For many, it is something that can’t be ignored, at least for very long. So, the creative process begins, grows and matures until the fully formed, completed results are finally achieved. Then, numerous others take that new life, pick, prod, re-adjust, slim down, bulk up, and present it for final consumption. That is when an author is born.
That is also when the precious child of a book needs to be nourished with readers. People who are just as loving, devoted, and nurturing—those whose lives can be enhanced and enriched by discovering all the nuances that so readily reach out to be enjoyed. But how to find those persons who will adore and cherish this child? How will they know this is the perfect story they’ve been looking for to brighten a bad day, lighten a heavy load, or just indulge in for a few hours?

Today’s publishing world is the most exciting, as well as the most daunting, since novel writing began. There are options for every personality, and avenues for every preference. That is both a grand opportunity and an exhausting job. With over four million novels being written and published every single year, finding an audience who will connect with the stories you tell can be overwhelming. But, there are also more books being purchased and read than in any other time in history! The secret is not if a story will be read but how.

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