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Building a Better Book Club
Rachelle J.

When book lovers come together at a book club or reading group, we celebrate literature, friendship, and learning. Have you thought about starting a book club in your area? Or maybe you’re part of one and you’d like a few ideas to build a better book club. Here are some favorite tips to create unity and friendship among books.

For decades, “fantasy” was the term given to the books by J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Mercedes Lackey, Robert E. Howard, and other stalwarts of the genre. These stories were all set in alternative worlds, featuring magic, mystery, and marvels that defied anything our world had to offer.

As an author who loves to write in memoir—it's the simple day-to-day nuances I find magical and awe inspiring—I witnessed a miracle of vast proportions while caring for my aging father that changed the trajectory of my life forever, and all because of “The Promise I Kept.” In 2003, a marker was called in on a promise I’d made thirteen years before—to never put my father in a nursing home.

There are two common sayings that makes every newbie novelist cringe:
Write what you know.
Truth is stranger than fiction.

Time For A Re-Set?

Has the time come to redefine some of the time-honored but outdated beliefs in the publishing industry?  We all know that over the past decade digital technology has been driving a massive revolution affecting all elements of publishing.