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Young Adult, or "YA", fiction has become hugely popular in the last decade, to the point that many readers will exclusively read YA Fantasy, Dystopian, Historical, Contemporary, and Science Fiction. But what is YA fiction? How does it differ from Adult fiction, and what does it have in common? Young Adult Fiction in the Past

When I was a kid, I was horse crazy. Pictures of horses on my wall, charm bracelets with horses, little horse statues all over the dresser, a stick horse to gallop around the back yard, you name it, I had it. Although I never actually got a horse of my own, I still love them, so I write about them. And not only horses, but animals in general.

Candy Cane and Cookie Crumb attended my high school in suburban Pennsylvania. The girls spelled their names with more flourish than the letters I used here, and Candy’s legal name was Candice, but the consequences of their too-sweet identities remained the same—no one took them seriously.

Science fiction is a genre known for its technical and often intricate world building, its epic battles and futuristic technologies.  Romance, however, is rarely a required aspect... until now.  E.G.

“What do you know about love? You’re just kids.”
“Finish school first. Love can wait.”
“You have your whole future...why marry now?”