The Heart of a Dragon Slayer

Hog Wild

"What if a Contemporary Romance Novel Hero could actually give an interview? What would he tell us?  Read on for comedian "HogWild"s take on what a Hero might REALLY have to say for himself..."

This following is rare. Jonathan Slade, author of the popular "Dragon Slayer" series of Romance Novels has allowed his leading man, Sergio Decker, to write a very candid foreword to his soon-to-be-released book. InD'Tale Magazine has secured an exclusive first look inside at Sergio’s opening to the novel...
"Hello, my name is Sergio Decker and I'm the guy on the cover of this book. Yes, I am the lead male character of this romance novel. Before the story begins, I'd like to get a few things off my massive, heaving, and completely waxed chest.
My real name is Skip Jabrowski and I'm tired of hiding things about my life in order to please my author's audience. I'm going to let you in so you know the truth about me.
In the book you are about to read, I am portrayed as a bad boy who uses women to satisfy my carnal pleasures. Am I doing this because I'm selfish? Wounded from a past love? Because I'm a conqueror? Or simply because I can?
First of all, I'm not a bad boy at all. I'm just a dude with full lips, a superhero's square jaw, and perfect beard stubble that somehow never scratches your face. Unlike how my author portrays me, I've never ridden a motorcycle, a snowmobile, or a galloping black horse through the shady night forests of 16th century Lancashire. The closest I've come in real life to having that much muscle between my legs is when I hop on my riding lawn mower to cut my grass.

Read the entire article in the October issue of InD'Tale magazine.

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