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For Readers, for authors, and for Indie publishers the challenges—and opportunities—spring from the same point. As readers, we’re all faced with the question, "How to find what to read next?" Authors, and Indie Publishers have to reverse-engineer the question, "How do I position my book to be that answer?"
Go Niche
The first step is to dig deeper when describing your target audience. Often, authors want everyone in the whole world to read their book (I know I do!) but “everyone” isn’t a practical audience to target. It’s like asking a librarian for a romance recommendation. That’s really general.
Do you want something that’s also a mystery? Science fiction? Fantasy? Contemporary? Historical? If historical, what era? History is huge! The more specific you can be, the better recommendation you’re likely to get. Let’s say you want a Civil War-era romance. That can yield you a pretty specific recommendation, and in a world with over a million new titles published just in the United States every year, that helps narrow the field. It’s the same equation from the author and publisher side. If you have a Civil War-era romance, that gives you a very specific audience to target. You can look at where that audience gathers, both online and in the real world. Is there a Facebook group you can join? A Civil War re-enactment event or festival that you can go to? People fascinated by the Civil War may be very open to your romance set in the Civil War Era. Certainly, it’s a strong place to start.

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