2019 RONE Awards Week Three

WEEK 3: April 29th - May 5th

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Historical: Victorian - 20th Century - 2019 (5 finalists)

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Audiobooks - General - 2019 (4 finalists)

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Mystery - 2019 (4 finalists)

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The Enigma Stolen is one of the finest in The Enigma Series.

Enjoyed What Happens at Midnight.

great read, very enjoyable, 

Thank you so much. I appreciate the support and I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

I feel very honored to be among this list of finalists! Thank you InD-tale Magazine!

On Common Ground is a fantastic and exciting modern western very deserving of this honor. I'm anxious for a sequel

Go RONES! Good luck to all!

I Love your Series!!

Having read several books in this series, I can say that Breakfield and Burkey write thrilling, sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat, stay awake all night reading books!! Loving this series and will continue reading them.  Good Luck guys!!

Darcy Flynn books are good reads. Love the mystery in this one.

Loved this book! I couldn’t put it down!  The combination of romance and mystery til the end kept the pages turning!   

20th Century Historical was really hard because I knew and loved three of the entries. Since I am the only one I know in Audiobook General, I voted for Maybe This Time. I love my narrator.

My whole book club gave this holiday tale 2 thumbs up!

Appropriate name for such a thrilling read! Jack Curran did a wonderful job in penning this mystery novel. My choice, hands-down. 

As the author of Not a Blueprint . . . , it is a privilege and honor to be considered (among the finalists) for such a prestigious award.  Thank you InD'tale Magazine. I salute Sara L. Morsey for a job well-done.   To all that take an opportunity to vote, your support is greatly appreciated!

What amazing work from the author and narrator. Truly, a phenomenal story and presentation.  My heart goes out to this author and family. 

Love listening to the audiobook! Lots of suspense! Can’t wait to hear the next book! 

Yes! Voted!

So many great choices! 

A thrill to see so many of my go-to authors as finalists for the Rone Awards.

Awesome read Ms.Nina Norstrom! Thank you for the courageous healing!

I tried before but did not connect no matter what I did.  Today was much better.

I loved the story and the narration was perfection!

Wonderful read and helpful. A good tool for mental health self care. Especially when discussing toxicity in relationships and the need to set up boundaries. This could be a great Peer to Peer talking tool also. The Peer or health community can use this as a discussion tool with families who are navigating trauma; like cancer. As a Peer, I've used the author's storytelling in my presentations. Good stuff!