2019 RONE Awards Week Six

WEEK 6: May 20th - 26th

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Contemporary: Steamy - 2019 (6 Finalists)

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Time Travel/SciFi - 2019 (3 Finalists)

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Historical: 17th Century- Regency - 2019 (5 Finalists)

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Top 10 Digital Currencies good to see this.

Absolutely love her writing.

Love's Whisper is an excellent book as all of her's are.  Her words keep you rivited to the book to the point you do not want to put it down.

I loved Love's Whisper everyone needs to read the whole series but this one really holds your interest.Love all of Forothy Wileys booksCan not wait for the next one

Steamy does not begin to describe this great story. A fun and compelling -- and, yes, steamy adventure.

Voting for this hot stuff story! One cannot go wrong with anything written by Stephanie Keyes! ❤️

Another absolutely wonderful book by Dorothy!  When reading, you feel you are a part of the entire family experiencing the love, history and closeness of each family member and the life they are living!  Another definite award winning book!

Good luck to all!

I read constantly. There are so many good books and not enough time to try them all.  I always feel as if I missedseveral I would have enjoyed.  Keep writing, authors.  Evena nomination is a great feat.  Be proud of your achievements!

A fantastic read. 

You can’t go wrong with one of Elizabeth Meyette’s books, and LOVE’S COURAGE proves it again!


I thought I would be able to vote in each catagory.  I wanted to vote for Katherine Le Veque, as well as Rose Delacroix!  I have never been disappointed in any of their books, and I buy every one that comes out.  I saw their names, and then they were gone!Lisa Woo

I also was invited to read The Innkeeper's Son, which I loved.  I bought The Jester, Then borrowed The Prince and The King from Amazon Prime.  I read the whole series over the weekend.  Never even saw it here!Lisa Woo

So happy to be nominated again this year. I LOVED writing this book, maybe because I wrestled with it for so long. Thanks Indietale for supporting authors. :) 

I absolutely loved this book; it has some of my favorite genres all rolled up into one terrific story. The world building and characters are great and keep you reading through the night. Best of luck K.C.

Christina Hovland's Going Down on One Knee is the first romantic comedy that literally made me laugh out loud.  The author's sense of humor is just as good as her writing!

Winds Of Time by Lilly Gayle is an amazing read! I would give this book ten stars if I could! Lilly Gayle is one of the best authors I've ever read! Here's my Amazon review: Have you ever wondered about going back in time and keeping a loved one from dying? I sure have as I lost my husband years ago! This question is pondered in the time travel book, Winds Of Time by Lilly Gayle! A tornado sends the heroine, Selena Tillman back in time to 1872 where she meets the of her dreams, Captain Dylan Casey, a half-native American army scout. Throughout the book there is romance, disaster, bigotry, racial drama, but above all, a tentilizing interaction between the main characters that draws the reader in and keeps them roped through the entire book.Lilly Gayle has written a novel that is fantabulous, suspenseful, and extraordinary! There are erotic sexual scenes that are done with expert writing to keep the readers entertained rather than grossed out.I would give this book ten stars if I could! Lilly Gayle is one of my favorite authors and I am already looking forward to her next book! 

n of the best Regency romances I have read. The love and the stunning visuals the author gives is breathtaking. 

I absolutely love this book. I feel like I'm right there with her characters.
Very hard to put down when I started.

Love all of her writings. So entertaining.

Fun book to read.  Loved every minute!!!

This author is so talented! An enjoyable book.

A must read!

Is by far the best author I have read in years.  Her books are sad, happy and suspensful.  You never are left regretting her books.

Meara Platt all the way!! Tough choice but she definitely edges out for me. 

Another great read. Ms. Wiley is my favorite author - she's a great storyteller. Anxious for more of her books.

The well-written nominated novel, 'The Daring Miss Darcy', is part of a wonderful series.  Adele Clee is a master at writing gripping series of romance novels you cannot put down.  She has been one of my favorite authors for many years.