2019 RONE Awards

Congratulations to the 2019 RONE Awards Nominees!

Voting Schedule: 

WEEK 1: April 15th - 21st


Audiobooks: Paranormal/Mystery

Young Adult


WEEK 2: April 22nd - 28th

Paranormal: Short

Historical: Ancient - 16th Century

Inspirational/Women’s Fiction


WEEK 3:  April 29th - May 5th

Historical: Victorian - 20th Century

Audiobooks - General



WEEK 4: May 6th - 12th

Historical: Scottish




WEEK 5: May 13th - 19th

Paranormal: Long


Contemporary: Sweet


WEEK 6:  May 20th - 26th

Contemporary: Steamy

Time Travel/SciFi

Historical: 17th Century- Regency


The Orient Express:  Timeless Victorian Collection - Annette Lyons, Elizabeth Johns, Nancy Campbell Allen
Timeless Victorian Collection:  The Queen's Ball - Anthea Lawson, Jennifer Moore, Rebecca Connolly
Timeless Regency Collection:  Wedding Wagers - Donna Hatch, Heather B. Moore, Michele Paige Holmes
A Thousand Doors - J. T. Ellison, Laura Benedict, A.F. Brady, Paige Crutcher, Rebecca Drake, Heather Gudenkauf, Patti Callahan Henry, Joy Jordan-Lake, Alisha Klapheke, Ariel Lawhon, Kerry Lonsdale, Catherine McKenzie, Kate Moretti, Lisa Patton, Kaira Rouda
The Dead Still Here - Laura Valeri
Audiobook: General
Music to My Years - Artie Kane/Artie Kane
An Engima Stolen - Breakfield and Burkey/Derek Shoales
The Wayward One - Danelle Harmon/Wayne Farrell
Cozy Bumpkin Stories - Eric Bergstrom/Eric Bergstrom
What Happens at Midnight - Laura Chapman/Kay Heart
Clutch - Lisa Becker/Suzanne Barbetta
Not a Blueprint, It's the Shoeprint That Matters - Nina Norstrom/Sara Morsey
One More Moon:  Goodbye - Ralph Webster/Nina Price
Anticipating Temptation - Randi Perri/Xe Sands
Cash Valley - Ryan K. Nelson/Matyas Job Gombos
Maybe This Time - Susan B. James/Stephanie Bentley
Audiobook: Paranormal / Mystery
When Tinker Meets Bell - Alethea Kontis/BJ Harrison
The Girl Who Knew da Vinci - Belle Ami/Gary Furlong
Spirits of the Heart - Claire Gem/Cheyenne Bizon
Tempus Investigations - Claus Holm/Neil Hellengers
Lorelei's Lyric - D. B. Sieders/Stephanie Kay
Rogue  - Greg F. Gifune/Steven Jay Cohen
Magic of the Loch - Karen Michelle Nutt/Heather McRae
Fire - LB Gilbert/Tanya Eby
Body Wave - Nancy J. Cohen/Mary Ann Jacobs
Bombshell - Pamela Fagan Hutchins/Chanté McCormick
Contemporary: Steamy
Going Down on One Knee - Christina Hovland 
A Light in the Dark - Christina Kirby
Must Be Crazy - Deborah Garland
Masquerade - Desiree Holt
Love Comes in the Mourning - Erin Bevan
The Internship of Pippa Darling - Gemma McKay
Love at the Electric - Jenn Hughes
Helping Her Remember - Kate Carley
Just For You - Kay Harris
Breathe - Kimberley Ash
Kissing the Boss - Linda Kage
Sworn to Forget - Maria Imbalzano
Chasing Dreams - Nancy Stopper
A Season to Dance - Rebecca Heflin
Dare to Love - Sandy Sullivan
Sexy Bad Boss - Tami Lund/Misti Murphy
Break Your Heart - Tracey Alvarez
Contemporary: Sweet
Just Right - Jessie Gussman
Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Kathryn R. Biel
Counting on You - Laura Chapman
Marshmallows & Mistletoe - Marianne Rice
Six Months - Mona Sedrak
Summer Bride - Shanna Hatfield
Queen of the Night Guild - Andy Peloquin
Veins of Gold - Charlie N. Holmberg
Misfortune of Time - Christy Nicholas
Legacy of Magic - Denise Carbo
River Running - Eden Reign
Blackbird Falling - Em Shotwell
A Weapon of Magical Destruction - Katie Salidas
Cinder-Ugly - Laura Strickland
Dagger's Destiny - Linnea Tanner
Faebourne - M Pepper Langlinais
Trial of a Warrior - Mary Morgan
Coven at Callington - Shereen Vedam
Zoraida Grey and the Voodoo Queen - Sorchia DuBois
Wicked Darkness - Victoria Zak
Historical: Ancient - 16th Century
Return to Honor - Alexa Aston
Seductive Secrets - Elizabeth Rose
The Sugar Merchant - James Hutson-Wiley
A Wolfe Among Dragons - Kathryn Le Veque
Overruled by Fate - Leila Snow
Michael - Prue Batten
Anne and Louis: Passion and Politics in Early Renaissance France - Rozsa Gaston
Historical: Victorian - 20th Century
The Promise of Tomorrow - AnneMarie Brear
Gambling on Forever - Becky Lower
Daniel McClintock - Caroline Clemmons
The Unexpected Wife  - Caroline Warfield
The Substitue Wife - Cici Cordelia
Out of Splinters and Ashes - Colleen L. Donnelly
Live and Let Spy - Elizabeth Ellen Carter
A Fair Trade - Laylah Abrams
The Deserted Heart - Mary Lancaster
August Sunrise - Merry Farmer
I Am Mrs. Jesse James - Pat Wahler
Night at the Opera - Stacy Henrie
Lord Despair - Sydney Jane Baily
Everything But the Earl - Willa Ramsey
Historical: 17th Century - Regency
The Daring Miss Darcy - Adele Clee
The Mystery of Miss Mason - Chastity Bowlin
A December with a Duke - Collette Cameron
Love's Whisper - Dorothy Wiley
Revenge of the Corsairs - Elizabeth Ellen Carter
Love's Courage - Elizabeth Meyette
Only You:  Duke of Rutland - Elizabeth St. Michel
The Devil in the Duke - K. J. Jackson
Bhrodi's Angel - Meara Platt
Lord Margrave's Secret Desire - Samantha Grace
Duke of Depravity - Scarlett Scott
One Moment in Time  - Sherry Ewing
Historical: Scottish
Kilty Pleasures - Anna Markland
Ewan: The Sword and the Spirit - Avril Bothiry
To Redeem a Highland Rake - Collette Cameron
Highland Secrets - Elizabeth Rose
Her Wild Highlander - Emma Prince
The Righteous Side of Wicked  - Jennifer Bray-Weber
Taken by Graeme - Jennifer Siddoway
The Devil in Plaid - Lily Baldwin
Highland Honor - Madelyn Hill
The Wicked Wife - Mary Lancaster
My Steadfast Love - Melissa Limoges
The Warrior's Mission - Mia Pride
Rodrick the Bold - Suzan Tisdale
Inspirational / Women's Fiction
Healing Hands - Amy Leigh McCorkle
Robert's Rules - J. F. Riordan
Better Together - Jessie Gussman
Unmistakenly Yours - Kristin Holt
Freefall:  A Divine Comedy - Lily Iona MacKenzie
September's Song - Ryan Jo Summers
Saving Anna - Sharon Struth
The Billionaire's Secret Marriage - Tamie Dearen
Relatively Normal - Whitney Dineen
A Haunting Reprise - Amanda DeWees
Handbags & Homicide - Anne Marie Stoddard
Loved by Darkness - Autumn Jordon
Stowaway - Darcy Flynn
Three Strikes, You're Dead - Elena Hartwell
Thrill Girl - Jack Curran
On Common Ground - Jansen Schmidt
Murder by Perfection - Lauren Carr
Killer Tied - Lesley A. Diehl
Finalities - M. A. R. Unger
Wine Thief - Mary Billiter
For the Love of Laura Beth - Aubrey Wynn
The Highlander's Norse Bride - Cathy & DD MacRae
Mhairi's Yuletide Wish - Cathy MacRae
The Earl's Wagered Bride - Cerise DeLand
Priscilla - Charlene Raddon
Only a Duke Would Dare - Collette Cameron
Silver Bells - Ev Bishop
Two Hearts, One Stone - Leslie Scott
Fallen Angel - Lily Baldwin
Ram Rugged - Melissa Thomas
Jerome - Miranda Lynn
Concealed - Rosalie Redd
Wet Kisses - Susan Griscom
Paranormal: Long
The Boss - Abigail Owen
Legacy of Danger - Jillian David
Winter Magic - T.M. Cromer
Hereditary Magic - Suzanne M. Sabol
Bewitching the Beast - Tamara Hughes
The Resurrection's Angel - B. Hughes-Millman
Werewolves Only - Carrie Pulkinen
Civil Hearts - Claire Gem
Raising the Dead - D.B. Sieders
Dark Wine at Sunrise - Jenna Barwin
Debriefing the Dead - Kerry Blaisdell
Heart of Ice - Lisa Edmonds
Dark Child of Forever - S.K. Ryder
An Angel's Unintentional Entanglement - Tena Stetler
Paranormal: Short
Gods and Demons - Melissa Sercia
Lillie - Mya O'Malley
Moon Promise - Carmen Fox
Shift of Destiny - Carol Van Natta
Whispers on the Wind - Dana Wayne
Haunted Hearts - Kimberly Dean
Inception - Laxmi Hariharan
Sea Dragon's Hunger - Rebecca Rivard
Eye of the Eagle - Sharon Buchbinder
The Haunting of Hillwood Farm - Kathryn Knight
Infinite Blue - Natalina Reis
Dragon Slayer, Dragon Light - Isobelle Cate
The Nest of Nessies - Chyrs Cymri
Autumn Magic - T.M. Cromer
Chasing Destiny - Sydney Ashcroft/Dani Nichols
Suspense / Thriller
Off the Dark Ledge - Angie Gallion
Chasing Secrets - Anna James
Undercover Love - Becky Barker
Trusting Danger - Caila Jaynes/Allyson Simonian
Fire Setters - Debra Erfert
Destroying Dominic - Ginger Ring
Shadow of Doubt - Linda Poitevin
Undercover in Jenns Cove - Marc Sanderson
Code Name:  War of Stones - Natasza Waters
Can't Help Loving You - Nika Rhone
On His Six - Patricia D. Eddy
Secret Relations - Rebecca Forster
To Bring One Down - Ryan K. Nelson
Thirty-Three Days  - Stephen B. King
Tormented - Susan Clayton-Goldner
Falcon's Prey - Terry Odell
The Consultant - Tj O'Connor
Time Travel / Sci Fi
Serengeti Valor: The Apprentice - EG Manetti
Ballycroy - Jennifer Rose McMahon
The Breaking of Dawn - KC Klein
The Passion Season - Libby Doyle
Winds of Time - Lilly Gayle
Phaze - S. C. Mitchell
The Culling - Sian B. Claven
Young Adult
Losing Adam - Adrienne Clarke
Merlin's Stronghold - Angelica R. Jackson
Soul Catchers - Carrie Pulkinen
Glamour of Midnight - Casey L. Bond
Wired - Caytlyn Brooke
Rogue Crystal - Jordan Elizabeth
The Stone Awakened - Judith Sterling
Can Dreams Come True? - Krysten Lindsay Hager
Between Silk and Sand - Marissa Doyle
Fighting Fate - Shaila Patel
The Spellbinder's Sonata - Stephanie Keyes