2018 RONE Awards Week Three

  • Sci-Fi/Time Travel (3 finalists)
  • Young Adult (4 finalists)
  • Audiobooks (4 finalists)

Voting Period: April 30 - May 6, 2018.


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Time Travel/Sci-Fi - 2018 (3 finalists)

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Young Adult - 2018 (4 finalists)

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Audiobooks - 2018 (4 finalists)

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I would like to vote for a book I read.

excellant novel

It is already 30 April  10:58 voting not yet open 

I wrote it and love it in audible. Mr. Cohen did a great rendition.

Excellent drama intersperced with humor.

Congratulations and wishing you all the best!

Cj Fosdick is an awesome writer. You should also read her first novel "The Accldental Wife".

 I love Techno Thrillers.

A suspenseful techno-thriller with excellent narration by Steven Jay Cohen.

Great group of writers! Good luck!

Petra Landon is a fantastic writer

In addition to Mercenary I've also ready the the first two books in the Saga of the Chosen series and even follow The Zenkoi Fables availble on her website. She is by far one of the most exciting authors with an imagination and a way with her characters that truly sets her apart.

To all participants I wish you well.

She is a fantastic writer!

Love it, Loved it, Loved it.I am going to buy the prequel also.. "The Accidental Wife" 

Fascinating. Book flows from Wyoming to Ireland and back. I hear there is a sequel coming soon. 

Good luck to all of the qualifying authors. Thanks for sharing your books. 

Very believable Historical Fiction with a little time travel. Great follow-on the "The Accidental Wife" 

Richly woven Irish history. Excellent dialog and pacing.

Such an exciting author! 

Love this book, and Petra Landon is an amazing author!

Another great book from Donna Steele!  This is the first book in her new series, and I can't wait for the second and third books!

Brilliant fantasy by one of my favourite authors.

Mike Sheltons book “The Orb” was a great read. I felt as if I were there in the story. Captivating!

Mike Sheltons book The Orb was a great read. I felt as if I were in the story. Captivating!

love audiobooks.

Thanks to SoulMate for the incredible editing and support. So proud to be part of yoU!

Some interesting books to explore here


Aaron Michael Richey's book Thistle Inferno FTW!And to all the rest, good luck.

Deserves a vote...

Fantastic read cleverly written and descriptive.

If you have not read this book: IT IS A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE.  This not just a YA book.  The topics it deals with in this book are  very real, happening today and affect everyone.  I am still thinking about this book.Should be used in schools, book clubs and among friends.  The discussions would be endless.

Excellent conclusion to the the first book, Accidental Wife.  Wonderful read that keeps you guessing until the end.

I would like to vote for Becki Willis/Tangible Spirits

I would like to vote for Becki Willis/Tangible Spirits

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