2018 RONE Awards Week Six

  • Mystery (4 finalists)
    Fantasy (5 finalists)
    Contemporary: Steamy (5 finalists)

Mystery - 2018 (4 finalists)

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Fantasy - 2018 (5 finalists)

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Contemporary: Steamy - 2018 (5 finalists)

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This is a 5 score read. Keep up with Eddie’s cases as a PI, as well as his part time acting career. You’ll be glad you spent time with Eddie.

I'm a huge fan, but I am seriously disappointed that Shayne Silvers didn't get put in fantasy section. He has 2 series (Nate&Callie)Both of which are International Bestselling 5star reads! How is it possible for him not to be on the ballot?! A Travesty I dare say.


The reason Shayne Silvers isn't a nominee is that this author has never submitted a book to InD'tale Magazine for review. All eligible books have to have bee reviewed by InD'tale. 



Resolutions, by Carol Warham is a fabulous book 

Thank you so much for your kind comment.

I have read Lexi's books and I love the way she presents things.  Please take the time to read this.

I live the characters the emotions and the stories Lexi Post has you turning each page wanting more


I read so much that i can only hope I remember my choices corectly.  Good Luck ALL!

Her books always have a well-written story-line and plot.

Good luck

Good luck Lexi Post...I love fantasy romance... 

Lexi's books are a great read!  I really get into them and love reading them!  Lexi Post is the queen of Fantasy Romance! 

I love Lexi's books 

Good luck!!

It looks like there are some great books on the list.

Hope Susan Goldner wins!  Great author with fantastic writing. 

Absolutely fantastic author! Love her work - she should win by a landslide!

I;ve really enjoyed reading all of Susan Goldners books! They are intersting and exciting.  Great job Susan

Everything Lexi writes keeps me turning the pages until the very end!!

<p>I am so glad I found Susan Clayton-Goldner as one of my new favorite authors. I love reading every one of her books.&nbsp;</p>

Lexi writes the best Fantasy Romances and I love that they have classical influence with a twist.

If you like classical literature with a side of yum and oh my, then Lexi is your gal. I'll read the next, one and the next one...

I just like Lexis books fun full of lovable characters

Love love love reading Lexi Post. Definitely one of my fave authors.


I cannot wait for her next book. Lexi Post is one awesome classical fantasy author with unstoppable imagination that keeps you immersed in the characters. The Heart of Frankenstein is just one of her 23 magnificent titles. Best of Luck!!!

The book "Two heads are deader than one" by Elena Hartwell was absolutely gripping. Loved the book. The way the character is built up - wow. 

Eddie is a loveable curmudgeon, and the author knows how to tell a tale. Keep the books coming Mr. Rosengren!

Diane Holiday, my new favorite author!

The character of Eddie Collins in Mr. Rosengren's latest, Velvet on a Tuesday Afternoon, is wonderfully accessible and the world he inhabits is fascinating.  This is the third in Rosengren's  Eddie Collin's adventures and I highly recommend them all.  Rosengren's insight into the workings of Hollywood is infectious in its humor and Eddie's cohorts will have you laughing and perhaps shedding a tear while you wind your way through a wonderful mystery.  KEEP EM' COMIN'!!!

If you plan to read this book, start it early in the day because you won't want to stop. Goldner is a skilled writer and an exceptional storyteller. I also highly recommend her other novels.


Elena Hartwell is an awesome mystery writer


Different read for me but loved it. I felt like I was with Victor in Alaska. Angela she her own person sets off on her own in the freezing cold. Very detailed story 

Good luck to all of you.

This up-and-coming writer is fantastic.  I urge you to try all her books!

Good luck! 


Actually, I've read all Susan Goldner's books and love them all. Detective Radhauser is such an engaging character (as are her protagonists) and the plot of her stories rewarding every single time. She deserves an award for each of them! Goldner is a consistent, solid author. 


This is a wonderful story by a great writer!

Faithful reader of Lexi Post. She's always good for a page turner.

This was my first book by Xio Axelrod. Definitely a fan now.

See previous comment.

I'm new to reading Lexie's books. She is a great storyteller. I do hope she wins !! 

I love all of Lexi Post's books, and this one was a bit different, but still a great read