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Twelve years ago, Michael Sarapion began a sea voyage with high hopes and dreams for success. The loss of his wife and daughter in a pirate attack leads him to forsake his God and to walk a path of vengeance.

Tempus Investigations: A Fictional TV Show
Claus Holm,
Narrator: Neil Hellegers

PARANORMAL:  Former Chicago PD detective Jim Corrigan "died" in 1933 only to discover he is an immortal who can communicate with spirits. In present day San Francisco, he's a private investigator and occasional consultant to the SFPD on cases with a distinct supernatural taint to them.

Fortune Favors the Bold

MEMOIR/BIOGRAPHY:  Theodoros is slain by a Bulgarian thug, leaving his strong-willed wife and children, including son Giorgos, to fend for themselves. At the same time, Theodosia is finding herself an orphan but nothing is able to squash her love of learning, finally she is able to move forward with becoming a teacher and attending university where she meets Giorgos, now a lawyer.

TIME TRAVEL/FANTASY:  Maeve has been haunted by visions of the clan chief from the 1500s for her whole life and has recently been named the current clan leader. With her hallucinations taking on a new tone and actually transporting her to her tribe’s past she must make several large decisions quickly.

Corrie’s father died a year ago and she is now following in his footsteps as a private investigator. When a friend's boss is murdered she tries to help, but quickly learns that her friend is implicated in the homicide. When the body disappears, they are both shocked and befuddled.  Corrie cannot let this go and is not willing to simply give up on her friend.