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Song Breaker

HISTORICAL/FANTASY/FAIRYTALE:  Aino’s mother is quite excited when a special person at the market makes an ordinary shopping trip quite extraordinary. The mother and daughter discover he is a powerful singer named Vane. Rumors of his wizardry are shrouded in magic and myth.

Cathy’s World

On her way home one evening, forensic artist Matti James almost hits her frantic neighbor with her car. Something is definitely amiss, and it is at the home of Matti's next-door neighbor, former child star Cathy Britton. Mattie draws her gun and runs in, and is immediately notices the scent of natural gas.

Mayra and Logan have been betrothed since childhood, but as an adult, Mayra is loath to marry a man she believes to be a scoundrel like his father. She writes letter after letter, pleading with Logan to dissolve the marriage contract, with no response. When she is swept off her feet by a devilishly handsome stranger, she has to hatch a plan to try to force Logan to break their betrothal.

Pvt. Richard Lee Leslie

MEMOIR:  After spending 18 continuous months in battle during World War II, Richard is learning to adjust to civilian life, and it is proving challenging. When he meets with a military psychiatrist he begins to open up about the traumatic experiences of war, only to suffer a severe PTSD attack that lands him in the hospital.

When Nicole's father dies, she is thrown into a world of panic and painful memories. She begins to remember things about her stepmother Sharon, and the pain she endured at Sharon’s hands. Completely rattled, Nicole begins digging into her past, and strange things are starting to take place.