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Little Gray Dress

CHICK-LIT/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Emi Harrison is your average everyday gal, engaged to Jack Cabot — a modern Prince Charming in every way.  Her life could not be more perfect — until she catches Jack cheating on her, and is devastated. After two years of trying to heal, she will now have to face the truth.  Does her heart still belong to Jack, or  can she really move on?

Aimee Prentice comes to the bustling town of Dry Bayou with a heart full of hope and stomach full of butterflies.  A mail-order bride, she has never met Gaston Mosier, her husband to be. From the moment they meet on the train platform, emotions stir in both Aimee and the wickedly handsome Gaston that they have never known before.

Victor Blackburn has until midnight on his twenty-seventh birthday to break a family curse or suffer his own demise. A witch named Mercy Seymour is the only one who can break the curse, and Victor has been searching for her for over ten years. Mercy has been waiting for this moment for the last ten years — Blackburn murdered her mother and she wants to see him suffer.

Emma Wyatt has been bamboozled by her best friend Audrey. Audrey purchased Chief of Police Oliver Kyle in Emma's name at a charity auction and Emma is not a happy camper, to say the least. Oliver used to be Emma’s best friend until, for some reason, he decided to go off the deep end and become the Lothario of Crystal Valley.

Ivy Wilde is almost relieved when she is expelled from the Hallowed Order of Magical Enlightenment. A free spirit, she could no longer be controlled by rules and regulations. When Ivy’s friend is summoned out of town by the Order, she commandeers Ivy to check on and feed her feline familiar.