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Cambria Clyne desperately needs the upcoming property inspection with the trustee of the apartment complex she manages to go well. If she can impress the trustee, promotion could be within reach. And just maybe she’ll be able to sort her feelings for her dreamy but commitment phobic baby daddy and the handsome police detective who turns her to goo with a kiss.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Lia Townsend has waited patiently for everything to go according to "The Plan." When she goes out with her husband for their fifth wedding anniversary, she expects tickets for the honeymoon they always wanted. Instead, he walks out without explanation and her perfect life is shattered.

Island of Miracles

Katherine Middleton enjoyed her life, happily married to a pilot and employed by the Smithsonian, but free to party in the evenings. Then Katherine answers a phone call and discovers her marriage is a sham. Deciding to leave her family home in Georgetown and start over, Katherine quits her job, and uses her savings to hide out on Chincoteague Island.

Silver Star

Sara Silver is a country music superstar. She has fame, fortune, and a ton of awards, but ever since her mother died, a part of Sara has gone too. When her manager arranges to send her to a ranch to find her soul again, Sara heads to Wyoming to rediscover her roots and herself, and maybe write some songs with depth to them again.

Morwena Gambino’s father has become forgetful, and since he has disowned both of her brothers, it is up to her to save the family business. When she gets the opportunity to work with Kit Hardacre’s crew, and buy and sell their goods, it is too big a chance to miss — if she can trust them, and if her brothers do not get in the way.