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PARANORMAL/MAGICAL REALISM:  Sage is used to receiving stares and questioning comments about the odd-shaped birthmark on her wrist, but after her mother’s death, it  darkens into a definitive tree shape.

HISTORICAL/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Madison has always stood out, and not just for her kindness. Her gift of visions leads  her to the police station, and assisting in the efforts to find a lost boy. That leads to her encounter with Officer Cameron Westland’s sister, who requests her help.

There have been four teenagers murdered in as many days.  With one of them being the nanny of a "well known", Detective Shane Dalton has his work cut out for him. He also has his hands full attempting to keep his wife Beth, an Irish model with exceptional intuition, off the case and out of danger.

Charles Wheatly, Duke of Murnane, is still grieving the death of his child and suppressing the anger that he holds toward his estranged wife who deserted him and their son. In order to help deal with that grief, he takes a mission to find information in China. Little does he know the information that he seeks is the beginning of the First Opium War.

Brothers Eric and Danny meet best friends Victoria and Zoe at a store to help prepare for an engagement party. This foursome doesn’t really get along; they are putting up with each other for the sake of their friends and family. During this seemingly ordinary shopping trip, robbers with guns come storm the store. This group saw the perpetrators and will now stand as witnesses for the trial.