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STEAMPUNK/HISTORICAL/FANTASY:  Dr. Alec McCullough is a member of BURR – Benthic Underwater Reconnaissance and Rescue. While on a mission, he injures his knee so badly that he needs a mechanical knee replacement. No longer fit for missions, Alec is given a laboratory and a specimen that appears at first examination to be an octopus.

On the Road to Love

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Blindsided by a divorce that comes out of the blue, Stacey Brown goes home to Florida for a vacation. Her mother sends her a picture of Stacey with her childhood friends, Olivia and Candace. Stacey sends them on to the other women and before long, they have planned a road trip together. The only catch? Olivia and Candace hate each other.

Half-gypsy Orelia is telling fortunes in her drunken mother’s stead when she meets the Duke of Keswick, Reed Valentine. As she finishes his fortune, her mother jerks her aside to tell Orelia she has been bought by Cappie to be his wife. To save her, Reed offers one hundred pounds for the forsaken lass.

Thirty-Three Days
Stephen B.

University lecturer Jenny O’Brien is visited by a man named Simon Muransk. He tells her he is from the future, and that she is to travel back 33 years in time for 33 days in order to stop Bradley Destaine from genetically altering wheat. The wheat produced carries “yellow spot,” a plant disease that causes worldwide famine within 250 years.

Colin Fisher is one of the top wizards in the world, but each time he stops a crime spree by a demon or another wizard, he tests the limits of his magic. The more he learns, the more he wants to discover what happened to his missing fiancée. Entering a self-induced coma to travel through time and uncover the truth puts him in a dangerous position, but he is determined to try.