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Bella Bell and Vernon Newell are long standing lovers who can’t keep their hands off each other. Bella is in love with Vernon, and Vernon is head over heels for Bella — but she can’t relinquish her heart to the head of a criminal empire, who has a nasty history of getting them in trouble.

Ella and Marcus are soul-shifters, harboring magical gifts that are both a blessing and a curse. They are also soul mates, and have shared this bond across many lifetimes. They are expecting their first child, and should be overwhelmed with joy.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  After a vicious attack, Glenna McReynolds is hospitalized and placed in quarantine. Once the CDC is notified, they are hell bent on observing her, but before they can get to her she is taken from her room — captured by a wolf pack who take her to their safe house.  When Glenna awakes from her fever, the world as she knows it no longer exists. What is wrong with her?

Pepper is fresh off a breakup with her jock boyfriend, Phil — who was ‘considerate’ enough to end things with a text. Angry, yet determined not to let this get her down, she takes a job as a sports doctor in her Florida hometown. Her friend sets her up on a blind date at a local coffee shop. Once she meets who she thinks is her blind date Rick, she is resolved to get laid.

Abby McCord has been forced to relocate from Hollywood to the sleepy town of Cane,