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It’s London in 1806, and Miss Jane Elizabeth Barrett is just shy of fourteen when her father determines she must immediately marry the Marquess of Althorn, Marcus Balfour. The marriage contract was created from infancy. The Marquess is so repulsed by the idea of marriage to a child he heads off to war. He wants to give them both time to grow up. His father, the Duke, is not happy.

Chloe MacGregor is an artist at heart, struggling out of a toxic relationship with an ex and all the baggage that comes with it. She’s almost settled into life without Chris when he suddenly shows up days after her restraining order expires. Prince Charming with a James Bond feel comes to her rescue.

Girl Warrior

CONTEMPORARY:  Charnaye Toulou feels the pressures of life weighing on her shoulders more heavily than she thought possible. Her father has numerous medical bills and is in a wheelchair after a car accident that also traumatized her sister. The family ranch is in desperate need of repairs, and kids at school take every opportunity to bully her. But Char has a plan.

TIME TRAVEL:  Dianna Cobham never meant to return to the future and abandon Captain “Devil-Eyed” Barrett, the love of her life, and their crew to the whims of the evil Maria and Eric Cobham, so when she suddenly finds herself injured and back home in the future, her only thought is returning to the past.

Murphy Thornton and Jessica Farady are finding that being married has more downs than ups now that the honeymoon is over.