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April 1971 San Francisco Father Anthony is not only a man of God but is almost perfect and has done many good things. Unfortunately, Father Anthony also holds a very deep dark secret. He is in love with one of his parishioners, Rita Wittier. Anthony tries to immerse himself in his works and does everything he can to forget his feelings for Rita but can’t deny his feelings anymore.

Hope Windward is working at the Happy Clam Family Restaurant when suddenly her past comes back to haunt her—the past being Cameron Smithfield. Oh yes, Hope knows who Cameron is, a convicted felon who was in jail for a crime. Hope can never forget that Cameron killed her daughter’s father, Cameron’s brother Justin.

Zorida Grey is trying to save her best friend who is being held hostage in a haunted castle in Scotland by Logan witches. She only has her friend, Shae Logan, and her boyfriend, Al for help. There is only one thing she can do: bring in something the Logan witches fear, Jock. Her problem is that Jock has not been seen in several centuries.

Moon Beam

SCI-FI/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  A female killer is hunting people on the lunar station. She hunts the young team that had come to build the first lunar space elevator which was going to be the best engineering projects ever. The project had just begun when the killer attacked. Now, a solar flare is threatening, and time is of the essence.

Moira Graham is on the run from a billionaire who wants to use her ability for his own ends, when her car breaks down in Kotoyeesinay, Wyoming, which seems to be the capital of paranormal enticements. Chance McKennie has been trying to find his mate, but after several failed attempts, he's not sure it is ever going to happen. Fate intervenes, when he bumps into Moira and there's a connection.