What's a Soulmate?

Young Adult

Libby Carmichael sees the world in black and white, along with every other person who has yet to find their soulmate. A lunch visit with her father at work brings her face to face with Andrew McCormack, a young man being booked into a juvenile detention center, and suddenly she can see color. Having a soulmate being tried for attacking a cop doesn’t make sense to Libby, and in order to get answers she might have to bend a few rules herself. With Andrew reluctant to talk, and unable to admit to her parents her soulmate might be a criminal, it will take everything Libby has to decide what having a soulmate means to her and how far she’s willing to go for someone she’s just met.

A fabulous spin on destiny, “What’s a Soulmate?” is a young adult novel worth the read. With a contemporary setting where everyone sees only black and white until they meet their soulmate, Ms. Ouimet presents soulmates as being more than just romantic partners, with ups and downs as well. With a smooth pace, plenty of conflict and drama without resorting to clichés, and good character development, both YA and adult readers will enjoy this one. The bit of mystery surrounding Andrew’s incarceration provides an interesting plot thread that balances well with the slow building romance, making this a must read.

Sarah E Bradley