No Such Luck (The Luck Series Book 5)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  It's highly irregular to have a human as the Queen of The Fairies; however that's exactly what has happened to Megan. There are some creatures that are unhappy with a human holding the crown and seek to have it for themselves. With her friends and love interest Jared by her side, Megan must find a way to pass on the crown without her death and escape the fairy world. It's a race against time as they try and escape back to their own world in one piece.


Jaclyn Weist has put together an excellent and fantastical world that a reader can easily lose themselves in. Despite being part of a series, there is enough explanation to prevent any confusion as to exactly what's going on and makes it easy to follow the story. Megan is a very sassy and fun character and is portrayed through a first person perspective. It takes the reader into the centre of the action with many twists and turns along the way. Each of Megan's friends brings their own personalities and talents into the story, with the humor and zest that comes with them. What is most enjoyable about this book is how well Jaclyn Weist has brought her fairy world to life through the descriptions and actions of the other world characters. This really is a fun read and will have readers going back to catch the rest of the series.


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick