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Spirit Stones

HISTORICAL:  When Sheona MacLeod, daughter of the laird, is a young girl, a spirit approaches her and gives her colorful stones, promising her the gift of communicating with the dead. Years later, a nearby village is raided and she is captured by the enemy. Malcolm MacDonald is the son of the laird and when he captures Sheona, he has no idea she is his enemy’s daughter.

Sexy Bad Boss
Misti Murphy
Tami Lund

Myra has been the personal assistant of James Frost for five years and while she is hopelessly in love with the man, he is completely oblivious — he is so absorbed with the running of his company. He admits he needs Myra in his life, but his need for her never goes beyond a professional level.

It Started With a Whisper
Dawn Brower, Amanda Mariel, Deb Marlowe,
Christina McKnight, Erica Monroe, Ava Stone

“It Started With a Whisper” is a collection of six clean regency romances revolving around the scandal sheet reportings of one mysterious “Lady X”. Even an innocent kiss or a most private ungentlemanly wager are not too small or discreet to escape the notice of Lady X.

Her Bluegrass Beau

Karri Taylor ends her relationship with her boyfriend Brent and escapes from California to Willow Creek, Kentucky to settle affairs of her Great Aunt Alma’s estate. Upon arriving in Kentucky, Karri can’t find her aunt’s house, and ends up at Jake Duncan’s house instead. Karri is at first uncertain of Jake but with his offer to help her find her aunt’s place, Karri decides to trust him.

Gwened is excited to finally wed her warrior Hugo, but when her brother Rudalt comes back from a hunting trip, he informs Gwened that Vikings have killed Hugo. Gwened’s grief consumes her. But, her grief is quickly replaced by shock as she learns her parents have betrothed her to Hugo’s younger, malformed brother Mateudoi.