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Lady Lydia Barrymore is at loose ends.  Widowed for nearly a year, she has had her fill of trips to the lending library, hosting teas and visiting the museum; even a brief affair hasn't done much to lift her spirits.  On a mundane trip to the museum, Lydia encounters a living Adonis — and his scandalously forward ways leave her blushing.  She thinks never to see him again, until the night she a

Hot Winter Nights

Tammy Andresen,‎ Amy Rose Bennett, ‎ Dawn Brower, Heather Boyd,

Amanda Mariel, Nina Mason, Christina McKnight, Lauren Smith

A collection of love stories set in the Regency Period, the stories in “Hot Winter Nights” share a theme of love and sensual awakening between lovers.  From the drawing rooms of manor houses to the bedroom of a bordello, the reader follows the journeys of eight women who, despite the odds against them, prove brave enough to follow their passion in the arms of men who are at times scoundrels, bu

Only a Hero Will Do

Captain Grant Alexander and Elizabeth Atwell both share a common interest — King and Country first, as both are members of the Legion, a secret society. The Legion is comprised of those wanting to protect the British monarchy, and put death those, like the traitor Typhon, who would destroy it.  London society has no idea what these two will do to destroy someone like Typhon.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Horse whisperer Emma Horserider is called out to investigate after a wild mustang is shot on a ranch in Montana.  She is almost killed when a drone mounted with an automatic weapon opens fire on her. When she lets her brother know what happened, he sends a black ops biker to her door to keep her safe and find out what is happening on the reservation.

Maddie and Axel were destined to be together, or so Maddie thought — until Axel left and didn't look back. She is in charge of the family ranch after her father's death and has two younger sisters to raise. Axel is an enforcer in his wolf pack. They have managed to survive the times before shifters were accepted, but things are changing in Wolffe Peak.