Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

J. Lauryl

Karyn Kiplinger is lost. Her life holds no joy; she has no feelings and no memories. While out looking for dinner she notices a hypnotist's shop in her neighborhood — funny thing,  she doesn't recall it being there before. Upon entering the shop she is greeted by a wonderful, kind woman who welcomes her with tea, scones and conversation.

A Love Restrained

Kylee Parker has always been a good cop, following the law honestly and justly, but when she arrests her old crush Jayson Donovan, all of her morals go out the window. Kylee wants to do what is right — because Jayson is a criminal — but she cannot help but feel the attraction she still has for him. Will Kylee’s love put Jayson’s job, and his life, in jeopardy?


Bristol Ray does not exist. He is "unregistered", classified as such by the government because he was not a firstborn child. Bristol yearns to be an artist, as opposed to working in a kitchen, and paints in secret. He exists under the radar until he meets Sarmara, a "registered" and a teacher, but the friendship they develop could cost them their lives. 

Code for Murder

The Cleveland Browns begin to fall apart after a player is murdered, and Stacy Tavitt is lead investigator on the case. Stacy was almost killed in a botched undercover operation and is just back to work after a medical leave. Her injuries have effected her health, stamina and performance, and she is feels under pressure to prove she can handle her job.

Speed the Dawn

Donovan Nash is ready to launch his new research ship from his company Eco-Watch. His wife, Dr. Lauren McKenna, is flying in with colleagues for the launch when a meteor shower blankets  California. The plane just barely makes its emergency landing.