Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

The D’Azzo family stands for law and order. Emersyn is the independent daughter of Joe D’Azzo. She has always wanted to please her father but inevitably she tends to rub him the wrong way.

Bad Lies

When Sophie goes to Italy for a golf tournament, she thinks that her only concern will be working hard to win the tournament. Little does she know that she is going to become involved in a lot more. Just what she needs after getting over bankruptcy, a divorce and a taste for gambling. As a favor to his father, ex-pro golfer Jack Walker volunteers to caddy for Sophie during the tournament.

Tori Rourke has been dealt a bad hand in life.  After ten years in prison for a crime she did not commit, she has finally been released.  She’s learned a new trade and is determined to put her


Carissa must redefine her life. The small town girl who wants nothing to do with her family ties to the town’s crime boss, Callum DeMateo, is no more.

Nicholas “Colt” Colton returns from his latest mission only to set out again to meet an informant about a possible domestic terrorist threat.