Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Omar Zagouri is on the hunt for an art thief in London. Much to his surprise, he finds that his cousin is dating the sister of the criminal he is after, and he uses the connection to learn more about the family. Omar discovers there is a history of crime that dates back to the Crusades, and is even more surprised to find a long tradition of honor killings.

Russian Holiday

Robert Garcia, also known as “Paladine”, is a cold hearted and dangerous assassin. His covert missions are to rid the world of jihadist terrorists. Robert has just completed a mission in Syria, but the pickup by his own team was bungled. Left virtually on his own, Robert is captured by the enemy and set to be executed.

HISTORICAL:  During each of his two lifetimes, Luke Madden has known the depths of depravity and the redemption of love.  After the death of his beloved wife, he is drawn into a  twisted world of espionage and intrigue as he fights against world domination by the Nazis.  Who knows if he will ever love again? 

An Ex-Marine now part of a special team of covert operators, Hunter Christian is used to expecting the unexpected. Be that as it may, he is thrown for a loop when he comes face-to-face with a ghost from the past. Hunter and his team are sent to the jungles of Brazil to beta test new technology, a camouflage system that renders the wearer invisible.

James is a cop from Seattle visiting Maui for vacation.  He’s also a clairvoyant, which is sometimes a gift and sometimes a curse —it helps with his police work, but interferes with his love life.  When he meets Kristina, a beautiful, spunky dive instructor who is battling with her family, he has the feeling he’s met her somewhere before but can’t put his finger on it.  While she instructs him