Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

The Capture (The Griffin Force #3)
Julie Coulter

As head of the Griffin Force, Julian’s main concern is finding his love, Zaya Altes.  When his team finally discovers her she is not the same, and Julian wonders if they can ever overcome the trauma Zaya has suffered at the hands of terrorist Nazer al Raimi.

Alanna Peralta is a princess from  the island of kingdom of Solana. One night, mercenaries hired by a drug cartel invade the island and assassinate her entire family. She flees the island in disguise, wearing the royal necklace, which represents her family’s legacy. Desperate to get to safety, Alanna boards a yacht and meets handsome engineer Gabriel Flynn.

Former sorority sister Jessica Sousa goes after everything she sets her sights on, but that doesn’t always make it right.  When her marriage is on the rocks, she makes the wrong choice on how to handle the issue.  At every turn, life seems to throw her a curve ball, and the latest is a  bad biopsy result.  Dr.

Combatting Fear

Micah Kincaid excels in the world of business, but the millions he has amassed can never take the place of his heart’s desire—a family. When his wife Chelsea disappears with five-year-old Rowan, Micah searches for the pair on his own despite the resources his fortune could provide. A year later, in the small town of Turners Gulley, Australia, he finally catches up to them.

The International Clandestine Enterprise (ICE) has found two agents they want to recruit.  Olivia Hamilton is an M16 agent; Logan Rodgers is a Navy SEAL.  Both had a tense run-in on a mission that went south, and ICE wants them to infiltrate an ISIS kidnapping ring to get to a terrorist known as al-Ulmari.