Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Tale Half Told
Killarney Traynor,
Margaret Traynor
Four friends are on their way north to celebrate Christmas festivities with family when Michael Wright, one of the friends, insists that they take a detour to see the Reynolds house. His boss owns the home, this site of a tragic murder/suicide.

Christie Ryan has it all: a fiancé, a great job and a wonderful home. However, there are cracks that slowly start to make an appearance. Her fiancé, Derek, is slowly becoming more irritated with Christie’s job as a makeup artist.

Amelia Westlake has been raised and molded by her wealthy parents. Amelia realizes that she doesn’t want any part of this life, nor does she want to marry her fiancé, Charles. After canceling the wedding, she flees back to her home in Colorado, but neither her parents nor Charles' are letting her get away so easily.

The Last Girl

Dexter Vega is running low on cash, and even lower on job prospects. Recently let go from his job as a journalist, he spends his time drinking at the local dive bar. After he saves fellow patron Nick Zavala from a drunken brawl, Nick asks for his help locating his missing daughter Maya. Not in any position to turn down a paying gig, Dexter accepts Nick's offer.

Flying towards the Arctic Circle to record the largest solar event known to man, Donovan Nash and fellow Eco watch members are stunned by a near-collision with a 737. As the plane crashes into a frozen lake, they watch awestruck as a woman makes her way out of the wreckage.