Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

When Nicole's father dies, she is thrown into a world of panic and painful memories. She begins to remember things about her stepmother Sharon, and the pain she endured at Sharon’s hands. Completely rattled, Nicole begins digging into her past, and strange things are starting to take place.

Layla Wallace Hassani has been kidnapped by members of a terrorist group intent on killing her husband, Mossad agent Cyrus Hassani and their young daughter, Cerise.  Her only hope is to convince her captor that she welcomes his unwanted attention in order to live long enough for Mossad to rescue her.

Body Shot (ICE # 2) 


Henri Anderson, Special Ops soldier and recipient of the Medal of Honor, has spent two years in prison for a crime she did not commit.  Is it any wonder that she chooses to retreat to the gold mine she inherited from her grandfather, separating herself from the world that has so badly betrayed her?  Nothing is ever as simple as one wants it to be, however, soon duty comes calling in the form of

Cezanne’s Ghost

When three American tourists disappear in France, the first suspect is their American guide, Leon Beaudet. As the FBI tries to make sense of it all — were the women taken, or did they simply walk away from their tour — Leon remains their primary suspect. His tour company comes highly recommended and he proudly continues his tours, although he is extremely cautious with his guests.

Conspiracy of Lies

HISTORICAL:  Claire Bouchard's daughter, Sarah, is determined to discover what secrets her mother has kept hidden — especially after an envelope delivered from France seems to be the cause of Claire's heart attack. An amazing woman who has lived through the French Resistance and World War 2, Claire's undying love for one man remains steadfast her entire life.