Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Dinosaur Lake IV: Dinosaur Wars
Kathryn Meyer

ADVENTURE:  Chief Park Ranger Henry Shore and his family fight dinosaurs that have come out of nowhere. They have been contending with beasts that have evolved into much more intelligent creatures than their ancestors of old. Winter is coming to a close and they have not seen a dinosaur in months. As it warms up, however, they come back — and in greater numbers than before.

Tell Me No Secrets

Haunted by a car accident that took her brother's life and left her sister crippled, Kate Duggan is marked by that dark day by a nasty red scar that lines her face. Guilt is heavy in her heart and she blames herself for what happened. When she starts a job at a private investigator firm, she meets Ben Parker. He is alluring, but holds secrets of a dark past.

Detective Finn O’Brien follows his own code of ethics when it comes to police work.  When a young woman hurls herself off a bridge and into Los Angeles traffic, all his instincts tell him that it is not an open and shut case.  His partner, Cori Anderson, agrees and together they persuade their commanding officer to let them see what they can come up with.

Paige Eldridge is a rather shy, unassuming young woman. When an opportunity arises to take her away from her recent heartbreak, she jumps at the chance. Chaperoning teenagers around Europe challenges her anxiety, but she is willing to take on her insecurities for a change of scenery and her love of history. A sudden change of staff members on the crew puts Paige in an uncomfortable situation.

Prince André Miquel Peralta and his sister, Princess Alanna Safira Peralta are fighting to maintain sovereign control over their homeland of Solana. After the Lozano cartel’s attack ravages the island nation they seek aid from the United States government, who in turn seeks control over the country’s main export.