TRACKS (A Cassidy Clark Novel Book 2)


Super sleuth Cassidy Clark and her trusty sidekick Brecie Lemay are distressed to learn that their old college chum Catherine Bibbione has suddenly died of a heroin overdose. Cassidy and Brecie know that Catherine was on the brink of divorce from her mafia kingpin husband Anthony Bibbione, and that she was as straight as arrows come — she would never shoot up. Cassidy will rely on the help of Brecie, Shepard ‘Schlep’ Brown, and the rest of her team, to unearth the truth behind Catherine’s death. Catherine and Anthony are likely involved in the heroin ring, but Cassidy will have to find answers soon, as the ever-mounting pile of bodies is stacking up fast. Can she find the answers before those she cares about end up hurt or dead?

This is a character-driven mystery dealing with dark subject matter, yet author Lala Corriere manages to keep the story light and engaging. The plot moves along at a fairly steady pace, and even though rehashing of information is sometimes frequent, it can be overlooked. The characters are extremely distinct, well rounded, and believable, but occasionally there are times where the dialogue is a little stiff or awkward. In addition to this, some details pertaining to the contemporary setting are bit far-fetched. However, with the bulk of the story moving along with a fun, gripping, and page-turning pace, readers may overlook these side flaws. After some great twists, the story wraps up tidily, but still leaving a nice opening for the next book in the series! 

MB Rose