Gray's Promise (King Security Book 2)


A successful surgeon, Zoey Morgan hides her fear caused by a traumatic incident when she was a teenager. She only trusts one person, and she reaches out to him. Zoey has managed to battle her feelings but the second she sees him, they all come flooding back. Ex-Marine Grayson “Gray” Walker can't believe it when his old flame Zoey Morgan asks for his help. She left him for another man, and it took him a long time to get over it. As a member of King Security, he has the skills to protect her. What gets to him is that he might abandoned her when she needs him. He will stop at nothing to keep her safe. Whatever it takes.

The backstory of Zoey is heartbreaking, and the perfectly described emotions will bring a tear to the eye and stir up some very harsh emotions in the readers. The book is fast paced, with a lot of action that makes this book a real page turner, and scorching sensual scenes that will not be forgotten easily. Anni Fife is able to turn her words into something that will have readers feeling very hot under the collar, and they won't forget this book in a hurry. “Gray’s Promise” will take them back to the first book in the series and have them itching for the next.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick