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Soul Catchers

Wren Lewis wants to be normal. Having magic or Sense is illegal. Unfortunately for Wren, she not only has a strong Sense, but attracts the one thing everyone fears more, a wolf. To kill a wolf is to become the wolf, and when Wren kills the one attacking her mother, she is forced on the run. Wren expects the wolf will soon consumer her, but Liam Stevens has other plans.

Laura Iglesias is desperate to save her child, who has been kidnapped by the dangerous San Matean politician Ernesto Ruiz. Ruiz is using the child as a pawn to goad Laura’s father out of hiding.

Locke Winfield has always been too busy trying to juggle his work and Alpha-pack duties to spend quality time with his daughter, Sara. His pack has firmly ordered him to remedy that problem.  His solution?  Find a mate.

Antiques appraiser Annalisse Drury is convinced that a missing 500-year old bracelet carries a curse that led to the death of her best friend. When she notices the matching necklace at a Manhattan gallery opening, she tries to convince the owner to destroy it, but to no avail.  When another death, related to the necklace, occurs, Annalisse turns to the gallery owner’s charming son, Alec Saves.

Secret Desires

Margo could really use the tidy sum her uncle bequeathed her, but before she can take charge of the funds, she is required to get a teaching job.  In the meantime, she seeks advice from Edward, an investment banker recommended by her attorney.  When Edward lost his wife to cancer, he was sure he would never fall in love again… until Margo walked into his office.