Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

The Pastry Prince

CNF:  This book was marked a CNF at 38% because the story is very hard to follow, the writing does not appear to have been edited, the formatting is scrambled, and the sentence structures are confusing. Subjects seem to change in mid-sentence, conjunctions are missing, and the overall storyline is slow to develop. 

Dahlia Gosney/Lynne Bryant


Queen Morana created the shadow—aka  Sokach—to protect her; she has created a brother for him—Velimir. Unfortunately,  Velimir is all about himself and power, but knows his place on the food chain.

Blue Shapely is a coyote shape-shifter trying to escape his past. After being pledged to marry a woman he doesn’t know to clear his father’s debt, he signs on to be Alpha to a wild pack of coyote shape-shifters in the town of Maria – but the mysterious, frustrating Willa Matheson stands in the way of his true dominance.

Dark Side of Morning

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  The daughter of a respected Native American scholar, Dr. Cleopatra Sommers practically grew up in Chicago’s Museum of Natural History, playing among the artifacts and finding herself drawn to one particular mannequin in a display case – the Pawnee warrior known as Wind Dancer. What she didn’t know was that while she was studying him, Wind Dancer was watching her.

Coyote shape shifter Sheena is mistaken for a stray dog by Austin’s younger brother, Todd. Austin bathes her and locks her up to dry. Moments later, Todd tells Austin a fantastic tale – the dog turned into a naked woman who jumped out the window then turned back into a dog. Austin doesn’t believe until they find the footprints which change from human to canine.