Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

MYSTERY:  Abby Jenkins does not want to attend a séance. Unfortunately, as a single mother, a new witch with a ghost boyfriend, and jobs as a private detective and night janitor at the local haunted teahouse, she has one too many secrets to hide, and when one’s friend blackmails you into attending her séance, you go, even if you’d rather be home.

Noelia Russo keeps busy between her job at Wedding Bliss, writing at night, and covering a friend’s volunteer shift at the hospital. The last thing she needs is a man, but when Noelia bumps into Dr.

Amelia Larson is a phenomenal FBI agent, but an even better psychic. Her psychic abilities mean she always gets her bad guy — that is, until she is assigned a case involving a Dracula copycat. If she wants to catch the killer, she must delve into the mysterious underworld, and her own world is about to be turned upside down.

FANTASY:  Residents of Hearthfire want for nothing. Carin is one such resident; she has never known the ache of hunger. All that stands before her now is the Journeying, a rite of passage that all villagers must take on their eighteenth harvest. Carin believes her task to be simple.

My Vampire

Collegian Sasha is an otherworldly storm sprite whose blood is irresistible to vampires.  She is saved by a sexy vampire, and in the process, they form a special bond.  Killian is her vampire protector, but both of them want more.  As Sasha is targeted by demons seeking a special amulet and her ability to activate it, and other vampires who want her blood, her vampire is there to protect her.