Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Nicky Arviso is a police officer and shape shifter, and prefers to stay in the form of a wolf. A veteran of Afghanistan and other wars, he recognizes the smell of death when he discovers a brutal crime scene on his own property and the exploded shreds of an Other. Others are created by the Darkness and include banshees, dragons, and the Fae.


Cage fighter Caleb Hallow is focused solely on beating his opponent Austin Graves, and becoming the world champion welterweight. Destiny, however, has other plans. When Meg Riley catches her boyfriend Austin with another woman, she chases Caleb for a one-night stand to get revenge on Austin. In the morning, she finds a strange, enormous tattoo on her back.

Promised to a Dragon

Evangeline Meadows is incensed with her father, the Fey King. He has promised her hand in marriage to the son of the Dragon King. The Fey hate the dragons and have since Evangeline's early childhood, when they killed her mother. Her father’s hope is to form an allegiance with the dragons to prevent war between the two factions.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Laura Horton is fresh out of college and ready to start her career as an addiction counselor.  When she arrives to rent a room from a friend, she discovers that her friend has bailed and she is stuck living with her friend’s ex-boyfriend. Miller Stanford is a security officer, working to pay his sister’s medical bills. He has a heartbreaking past that still torments him.

URBAN FANTASY:  Arrow St. Martx has the power to transform objects into different items. With an urgent need for money to keep her grandmother from entering the Crossing Program, she must take a job that requires her to use her power illegally. Even though she has a general idea of what the job entails, she never imagines she will be Head of Security at a hotel filled with monsters.