Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  As part of his custom, Prince Urban has a love mark tattooed beside of his left eye. Whenever his true love is near, the mark will start to itch. Urban doesn't approve, seeing the tattoo as the cause of the problems for his family. When his sister goes to another realm to be married, Urban goes with her.

Lynzi Lancasater is happy to be married to Layne. As part of the Fae world, they have a lot to contend with during their honeymoon period, and it’s not going to be easy or enjoyable for them. Lynzi is put in a dangerous situation during a family visit, and she's then given some unexpected news that puts her and Layne in protective mode. A battle threatens to take away a beloved family member.

HISTORICAL:  MacKay de Bar has been cursed by the evil witch Hecuba. The glass shard in his chest from Hecuba’s broken mirror compels him to covet a woman who wants nothing to do with him. That woman is Lady Eira Koldottir the ruler of the island kingdom of Skol. Eira, “The Ice Queen,” has been betrayed in the past and rejects MacKay’s love.

Ruthless Spirits


Rainy Stratton relies on her psychic abilities to gauge the character of whomever she meets. However, she is completely unable to pierce the depths of Terry Anderson’s artistic soul. Her Wiccan abilities don’t help her to explain her strong attraction to the enigmatic artist.

While relaxing in a bar, Hope feels drawn to a disturbance in a corner.  A deliciously dark and rugged man catches her attention and stirs her dragon in a way she has never felt before. The man, Aaron, has been lost and drifting since his twin died months before, but when he looks into Hope’s eyes, he feels more than hope, he feels the rest of his life.