Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Captain's Lady

HISTORICAL:  Captain Jack Boone would like nothing more than to sail the seas. When he inherits the title of Viscount of Rothwell, everything changes and his contemporaries urge the new Lord to find a wife. Katherine Ashe is in her first — and only — season. She and her sister have only this one chance to make a good marriage match.

MAGICAL REALISM:  Eighteen-year-old Evelyn believes she has found the love of her life in Guy McCallister, a dreamboat with chiseled features and a goatee. Her family disagrees, however, and to please them she apprehensively agrees to go on a date with a “perfect match.” Rex Somersy is the epitome of a gentleman —the complete opposite of Guy — yet Evelyn finds herself falling for him.

Tara Golden is haunted by her mother’s death — one she couldn’t prevent, despite her power to heal. Life has taught Tara that most will not accept her gift, and thus she keeps it hidden. When she uses her gift to heal Grant Markel’s fatal condition during his visit, she never thought he would come back to town to seek out the source of his miracle.

Ever Chase is bound by a curse that hides her true heritage, and terrified of losing everything if she says the words to break it in order to reclaim her powers and knowledge as a Valkyrie Queen. Her true father is waking, and once he does, he will hunt her down and kill both her and her werewolf mate Derek, just as he has in all of her previous lifetimes.

Bethany Hayes’ first exposure to magic resulted in a car accident and the killing of a powerful witch who wanted her dead. Needless to say, she has been wary of her abilities ever since. However, Lucius, the former gladiator she freed from the witch’s clutches, is determined that his savior will learn to use her powers to protect herself.