Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

The Demigod's Legacy

December Farmer is off to New Mexico to track down her daughter's absentee father. Tito Perez disappeared from December's life because he has a secret. He is a demigod who is not supposed to mate with humans; the last time he did his bloodthirsty cousin killed both his wife and his son. Tito cannot stand to see this happen again.

Nightmares Rise (Dark Shores Trilogy #1)
Mirren Hogan,
Erin Yoshikawi

When Hawaiian tour guide Makani Lau meets Aussie tourist Flynn Cole at a local bar, there is immediate attraction. Armed with Flynn’s Nikon camera and Makani’s dilapidated old Jeep, the two set off to explore areas of the Hawaiian island little known to tourists and mainly uninhabited. Flynn is  looking forward to capturing original photos of landscape not typically seen by tourists.

Megan Kincade is the daughter of one of the most powerful shifter alphas in the world and attracted to David Michaels. As a siren, David is her enemy. Connected to each through Megan's brother Owen, who David has claimed as his own, they are working together to save Owen’s life.

Evander is cursed with immortality and an eternal lust that cannot be satisfied — or so he thinks. The only being that can quiet his insatiable desire is a sexy vampire named Bremusa.  Too bad she is also responsible for the death of Evander’s friend Orestes.  All this and an apocalypse too... what are immortal beings to do?

Nicola is a single mother who also happens to be a practicing witch and psychic.  Her best friend Joseph, also a spellworker with psychic gifts, informs her that her ex and child’s father Keith is involved with a doomsday cult that wants to bring about Ragnarok, the Norse version of the end of the world, and has drawn her stepsister Muriel into the cult.  Nicola and Joseph take off to locate Mu