White Hot (Rulers of the Sky #3)


Jacob White thought he had everything he ever wanted: fame, fortune, the ability to turn heads, and now even the blood of Drakkon running through his veins — until he wakes up on the mountainside after a post-flight nap and looks into the eyes of a woman who dares to bargain with a dragon. River Wray has always hoped dragons were real, even when her father’s claims to have seen one brought ridicule upon her family and caused her mother to leave. She never thought she’d actually encounter a white one or speak with him in her head. However, when a dragon attacks her father’s cattle and Jacob shows up to investigate, River finds herself torn between the immortal who will one day live beyond her, and just surviving the Red Drakkon seeking revenge. 

A paranormal romance set on a small island, “White Hot” is the latest addition to the Rulers of the Skye series.  Using a quick pace, and entertaining conversations to push the plot forward, “White Hot” feels like the culmination of all the previous plots and schemes from earlier books, while still leaving room for more. A "must read in order" series, this book takes secondary characters and gives them a chance to shine. Even though the ending is somewhat predictable, and the idea isn’t completely new, there is enough passion to fuel the romance and twists to keep the readers guessing what will happen next. 

Sarah E Bradley