The Way You Bite


Veterinarian Vee Scarpa  has lived in the patriarchal vampire world her whole life and has been carefully plotting her escape.  Lexan Dimitrov, King of the werewolves, shows up in her emergency room claiming to need just ‘a quick patch up’, an obvious ulterior motive.  Even more alarming, there is an instant heated attraction between them.  In a world where vampires and werewolves are at war, nothing good can come of their chemistry.  Lexan wants more than anything to protect Vee from her abusers and help her accept her true identity, but will her resistance to opening her heart to Lexan prevent her from discovering who she really is?

Fans of “Underworld” will enjoy this read, as it follows the same type of paranormal world building.  Lexan is a strong alpha werewolf — perfect in all the right ways, yet believably flawed as well.  Vee is a classic abused victim, fighting to take back control.  Some readers may easily relate to her internal war.  She wants to trust Lexan but also feels threatened. She mistakes his alpha-wolf instinct to protect her, as controlling her.

"The Way You Bite" gets off to a rocky start, but gets going by chapter three and will keep the reader on edge with an intriguing internal conflict and relatable characters.  However, the external conflict needs focus, as it constantly switches, and there are more than a few grammar errors.  Die-hard fans of werewolf paranormal romance will find this hot and steamy read — with just a pinch of sweet romance — truly delicious!  

MB Rose