As Vital as Blood (Victorian Vampires Book 1)


GOTHIC:  The death of Miss Michael Cargrave’s father has left her almost destitute.  With a younger sister to care for, she makes the bold decision to take over her late father's new position. She travels to the unsuspecting Baron Dalca's Romanian castle, where she finds a mysterious land with residents filled with superstition about the Baron, and her judgment is constantly called into question.  Is he the monster the townsfolk believe him to be, or the refined educated gentleman he postures as?  With her heartstrings being tugged and a village killer on the loose, she will quickly be forced to make decisions that will alter the course of her life forever.

This Victorian gothic novella is extraordinarily well written, and fans of both Jane Austen and Bram Stoker are in for a rare treat!  Ms. DeWees keeps her prose in alignment with Victorian-era vernacular, yet removes the lengthy exposition so characteristic of classic literature, leaving only the meat and bones of a well-defined plot, wonderfully vivid characters, and a hauntingly fantastic setting.

Miss Cargrave is a slightly naïve yet self-assured heroine who desperately wants to fall in love with the baron. Her uncertainty allows readers to easily relate to her dilemma.  Baron Dalca is the perfect mix of allure and taboo, making readers drool and clamor to be in Miss Cargrave’s shoes.  The story’s conclusion is very predictable but not enough to prevent enjoyment, and readers will look forward to future tales in the series! 

MB Rose